alison palmer

Hi, my name is Alison Palmer and I am a passionate mosaics artist.

I feel each mosaic is an individual journey. The process of hand cutting and fastening each piece of glass with care and precision means that you see the three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that you have designed and lovingly put together coming to life in front of your eyes, its truly magical.

I love using a vibrant range of colours and have recently started purchasing reflective glass from an outstanding range in Ravenna, Italy. I love the way this glass catches the light, makes the mosaics glitter and appear textured. It also creates a sense of movement in the mosaics and brings out different colours at different times of the day (very difficult to fully capture in photographs!) I also enjoy using ceramic tiles and vitreous glass. I relish learning and developing new skills with new materials.

I am inspired by nature but like giving it my own twist, creating contemporary, abstract mosaics. I am interested in balance and harmony.

I am a very professional and friendly person who welcomes large or small commissions. I am happy to work to the clients design brief or create something bespoke and unique just for you.

Thanks you for your time. I hope you enjoy my work.